LONDON –21 DEC 2020

Lt. Gen. Joseph Lagu the former Vice President of Sudan and Special Presidential Advisor in South Sudan remains in hospital in London with coronavirus, the Lagu family said in a statement yesterday.

“He is doing well and currently breathing unaided. He has the bible by his bedside and both Madiba Nelson Mandela’s and Barak Obama’s autobiographies. A firm supporter of science, Joseph has entered a National Health Service (NHS) Recovery Trial. This entails randomized evaluation of COVID-19 therapy, such as Convalescent Plasma,” the statement read.

His wife Amna Lagu also remains in hospital and continues to require breathing support and is responding to treatment, “Amna has also entered the same Recovery Trial. We know this may or may not help them, but it will help future patients.”

“Both Joseph and Amna are in good spirit and we thank the heroic staff of the British NHS who are giving them the best care possible including kindness and prayer,” the family said. “Our message to people in South Sudan and Sudan is to please stay safe and follow World Health Organisation guidelines. Do not mix with other households especially during this festive season. If you must, please only meet outdoors. We are blessed with outdoor living which helps protect our elders and vulnerable people.”

The statement urged the international community to ensure that an affordable vaccine is made available to the developing world as soon as possible. 

“Wherever you are, if you have the opportunity to be vaccinated please do not hesitate. The COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective. It gives the best protection against coronavirus. It is critical for ensuring the safety of our elders and vulnerable people.” The statement signed by Martin Lagu read in part.