Further to the resignation of Dr Lako Jada Kwajok, the Chairman of the Political Committee, Chairman of the International Relations Committee, and Chairman of the Strategic Funding Group, The Nile Chronicle received copies of more resignation letters involving senior leaders. The list includes:

  1. Lt. General Khalid Ono, the Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics.
  2. Maj General Lokai Iko, Commander of Kapoeta Area, Eastern Command.
  3. Maj General Murtada Jalal Uldin Babbla, Intelligence Service.
  4. Eng Leeri Johnson Marella, Secretary of the International Relations Committee.

The reasons for resignation revolve around General Cirillo leading NAS in a different direction contrary to the original objectives of the Movement. Also, that General Cirillo, the Chief of Staff and his deputies failed to go to the battle ground. Further, they pointed out the lost opportunities that their Chairman failed to seize.

The Nile Chronicle has learned that more resignations are underway. It appears NAS has suffered a significant blow that could jeopardise its status as a force to be reckoned with.