In a statement dated the 23rd of October 2020, that was extended to The Nile Chronicle, Dr Lako Jada Kwajok tendered his resignation from all positions to the Chairman and Commander -in-Chief of the National Salvation Front (NAS). Dr Kwajok was regarded as the unofficial second man in command of NAS. He held the positions of the Chairman of the Political Committee (PC), Chairman of the International Relations Committee (IRC), and Chairman of the Strategic Funding Group (SFG).

The senior leader cited seven reasons that made him to resign his positions. Among the top reasons are ; that General Cirillo is taking a different direction contrary to the objectives of the Movement. Also he brought up the issue of the Chairman who is the C-in-C, the Chief of staff, and his deputies not joining their forces on the ground for nearly four years. Dr Kwajok talked about lack of strategy and poor leadership as among the reasons for his resignation.

You can access the entire resignation letter in our Press Releases page.