By Deng Vanang

Today in the afternoon, SSOMA and Government of the Republic of South Sudan met
on the 2nd day running to resolve the protracted seven year-old-conflict in the Republic
of South Sudan.
The agenda of discussion before the actual discussion on the conflict’s root causes is
the review of the Cessation of Hostilities’ Agreement commonly referred to as COHA
two parties recommitted themselves to early January and operationalized in late
February this year.
Initially government was not for the review of the COHA and instead wanted SSOMA to
recommit to its implementation in order to be urgently integrated into CTSAMVM
However, SSOMA swiftly turned down the government’s point of view, arguing reason
making the parties violate the COHA they agreed on be pointed out and amicably
resolved to avoid future violations which have become the order of the day.
SSSOMA further demanded the adoption of a new policy framework of subjecting the
COHA to constant verification mechanism by San’t Egidio before renewal by the warring
parties based on the outcome of the review.
For the mandate of the COHA can no longer be indefinite, concluded SSOMA.
In response, government said there is no reason for three months’ verification by parties
since it is the technical work of CTSAMVM as part of evaluation and monitoring
After about nearly three hours of heated negotiation, the mediating body, Sant’s Egidio
struck a compromise which took parties’ time to understand, accept and reach
conclusion as per SSOMA’s demand.
That COHA within three months shall be monitored and verified by mediating
Sant’Egidio and based on the outcome of monitoring and verification of political will,
then the parties shall to decide whether to continue with or discard COHA.
Monitoring and verification shall only be operationalized immediately after the proposed
CTSAMVM’s workshop takes place in November.

Deng Vanang is the UDRM/A’s Secretary-General and official Spokesman for
SSOMA delegation in Rome, Italy.