By Pal Chol Nyan

The newly appointed cabinet which has been long awaited for took oath of office at J1 yesterday.The Honourable Ministers and their deputies were sworn in without their relatives at William Nyuon’s meeting hall  which is too small to accommodate a big number of people.
As a result, the relatives were waiting outside J1 fence; profusely sweating in the blazing heat of Juba; hungry and dehydrated but still looking jolly.

The relatives joyfully flocked in their hundreds to J1 to express their gratitude about the appointment of their relatives. They have one thing in the back of their minds; that they will get the services they need.

I can vouch that no services that they will ever get and time will prove me right. South Sudan started to have its own government since 2005 but little was offered to the people in terms of development.

The leaders have failed knowingly to meet their expectations but the same people who seem not to know their rights still allow themselves to be used as fighting tools, political cards and ladder to ascend to positions of authority.

It has all along been about wrangling over the oil money and power by the leaders and their acolytes.
I really pity the situation of the unsuspecting citizens of South Sudan who are suffering in a very dignified silence. Those who have their kith and kin appointed as Ministers and deputy Ministers trekked from a very long distance to come and attend the swearing in ceremony.

According to an informed source, the celebration went on fairly well but I have a message for this cabinet; please serve the people with zeal. Kindly turn to God, repent and do a soul searching.
Our country has gone to the dogs. It is time to get things back on track. I know the cabinet was formed not to the satisfaction of many of some didsgruntled politicians and army Generals who had wanted to get in.

The opinion poll showed that the intention of all the people is to become lawmakers, Governors and ministers so long as the whole thing revolves around self-enrichment and not geared towards services delivery.

It is something that has never happened anywhere in the world that the whole country can be ministers and such like. What is important is to be represented by one person. It is through that person you address your concerns to higher authorities.
At present, what is required of those who made it to the constitutional posts is to make a history. 
The South Sudanese rushed to J1 not to see the fence but they have the hope of being rewarded and served by their representatives. Don’t disappoint them. One of the main task of the new cabinet is to ensure the R-ARCISS is implemented in letter and spirit until the next election.
With the elpase of the transitional period, elections will take place. This is where the people will elect the leaders they want. No leader will ever impose him or herself. We will know by your political fruits.

In this cabinet President Kiir has made only some cosmetic changes but he still retains his close and hard-core J1 one members. The IO took the defense docket and is now occupied by Madam Hon Angelina Teny; making her the first ever South Sudanese female Minister of Defense. Her appointment has caused an uproar among disaffected IO members and supporters but it is a fait accompli.

They said it didn’t come the way it was expected. The appointment of Hon Puot Kang Chol to the lucrative Ministry of Petroleum and Gas did not please many within the IO.
Those who went with the ate-up skull are the Lou Nuer. They have been seen off with the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation. 

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