By Dr Gai Jany Gai

Small is effective, manageable and beautiful. Iam optimistic that the economic crisis can be solved if real and painful measures are taken by the committee headed by Professor Dr. Wani Igga the Vice President.

The committee should consult our economists who may contribute to solve the economic crisis through their vast experiences and sound opinions. In such situations reduction of government expenditure is a key to improve the economy. Reduction of state government size to the Governor, Deputy Governor and three ministers for economic, infrastructure and services. The number of counties and legislative members should also be reduced based on the size of the State. No need for advisers and commissions even at national level with exception of  the commissions of Refugees, humanitarian, and human right.

Accommodation of ministers, arm forces and government officials in hotels should be  stopped. Also purchase of big luxury cars should be stopped. Payment of services to all government institutions be reduced and priority be given to monthly salaries. If you deny me my salary and pay me services,I will use the services for my survival.

Monitoring and close supervision of non oil revenue collection is vitat. It is the responsibility of the Ministry of Finance  and Economic Planning. If some revenues are remitted into private accounts without the knowledge of the Ministry, is a big problem and if the Ministry is aware of the wrong practices and keeping silent, is disaster. I hope the committee will be blessed and succeed in this big and important task for the sake of the nation.

The author is the Dean of College of Agriculture and Forestry, Upper Nile University. 

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