By Pal Chol  Nyan 

Rebellion has become one of the most lucrative business in Africa. People rebel or call for reformists when they feel oppressed, suppressed or denied basic services. The intention is,more often than not , to change the guards and the trick has worked in some places. 

Rebellion grants opportunities, privileges and jobs to the disgruntled politicians or army commanders. After fighting the war of “liberation”, agreements are signed; transitional period is set and a time-frame for elections becomes lip-service because once the agreed period is over, another violence erupts.
Rebellion has become a passcode used by politicians and their commanders to prolong their legitimacy and stay in power to the detriment of the hoi polloi.

In the context of South Sudan, the government of the day is run by the same comrades of 2005 with a bit of political decorations from other satellite parties and the turn-coats. What is happening in Juba is a classic example of former rebels who shot themselves to power via CPA, ARCISS and what not. The calls for reforms is now a crime and the state of affairs is about who gets what.
The prophets and psedo-advocates of reforms are the ones calling the shots when it comes to wealth and power.
Most of them are well connected ; they carry expensive gadgets , drive latest models of cars and have their meals in the most expensive hotels and restaurants. They are the government and her bona fide members. They feast and merry while the ordinary citizens are starving to death and civil servants have forgotten about their salaries. 

The lucky citizens eat Egyptian beans, okra and kisra along the roads. 
The ordinary South Sudanese have become suspects who are being spied upon by people who were once their close associates. Once you have an opinion about the government, you are potential client of the house where pieces of informations are extorted by all means.
What a contradiction !
The helpless citizens are threatened for trying to claim their basic rights as enshrined in the constitution of South Sudan. The truth shall triumph no matter how long it takes. 
The Mugabes and Bashirs here will one day have their day in a fair court to answer for the injustices inflicted on South Sudanese without any remorse.

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