By: Sokiri LoPoni

From many disasters that afflict our country, hypocrisy almost becomes the lifestyle of a considerable number of advocates for the enlightenment through their constant preoccupation venerating and sanctifying of the executioner secretly or publicly for a bunch of dollars that have no religion.

But despite that, the dollar became the idol that its followers from spectrum colors, have been transformed in several events, into trumpets without conscience instructed with what its owner wanted, whether if it was killing, buying of receivables, venerating the executioner and following in his footsteps as Bishop John Maduot Aketch has recently done by re-proposing the transfer of the Central Equatoria State office of the Governor to Yei River County after more than five years.

By re-opening  this issue once again by Bishop Maduot, has assured us that all this time, he has been boosting this evil scheme thinking that the relocation of the CES Headquarters could provide a solution to the insecurity crisis that not the people of Central Equatoria state have been suffering from all this time!!

This move under the pretext of religious cover has reflected the reality of confusion in a country where religion has become a tool in the hands of the priesthood at the highest levels to achieve their personal interests.
What we did not expect from the servant of the Lord, Bishop John Maduot is, to present himself as a preacher while advocating for land grabbing. Uncovered Objective for his proposal which he is trying to sell an old proposal that has been rejected before by the people state of Central Equatoria State during the period of former governor of the Major general Clement Wani. But it is necessary to assure our Bishop and the Mass of forces behind him again that, the covenant remains the same despite his attempt which contradicts the biblical principle, “say the truth and the truth will set you free.”

For those who are likes of Bishop Maduot, who undoubtedly proceeded from the same motives of land grabbing, we tell them that the office which was supposed to be relocated is the office of the President as the National assembly has approved in one of its sessions long time ago, the transfer of the Capital of the country to Ramchiel.
The Juba town as capital of Central Equatoria State with its glorified history which was written by our people, cannot be obliterated by the attempts of thieves in the hope of scraping its identity as City of peace and National integration.

Today if the Security of its Citizens is in the blowing wind which was done purposely, I don’t think our Bishop didn’t know this especially after his proposal – he may be hiding behind the cross of Christ, buried his grudges  that can be cited and linked to his proposal of transferring the headquarters of CES under false pretences which actually aiming at monitoring the regime’s militias that engage in terrorism without limit in killing and abuse and not only at the level of the Yei River County, but the whole country.
Maybe the only thing that Bishop Maduot has not acknowledged while he was busy with the glorification of the gathered militias around the Yei River County, is ignoring the fact that the people of Central Equatoria State throughout its six Counties, know very well the purpose why their State has been surrounded by the regime militias specially within and around our beautiful town known as small London, has nothing to do with their protection. But mainly, the main objectives is to practice more humiliation activities.
Let me say, our experience with Salva Kiir regime which is involved in all acts of brutality, its page, can never be closed even if the Office of the President has been moved to any part of South Sudan, leave alone the office of the Governor of Central Equatoria State; because it is reflecting state policy that is based on ethnic racism.

Actually what we were expecting from His Eminence Bishop Maduot, if he is really serious about the security of the people of Central Equatoria, he should have demand for dismantling of the regime militia. The servant of God, who we do not doubt his allegiance to one of the militia institutions in the country with a high rank as long as we have never heard clear condemnations from him for the acts of decimation, humiliation….etc. what the citizens experienced from the regime.
In any case, it is necessary to state here to His Eminence Bishop John Maduot that South Sudan is not only Yei River County when it  comes to the issue of Security especially after the regime has turned the country through its policies into an unsafe place for the majority of its inhabitants throughout the country.
In conclusion, the objectives for relocation of the office of the Governor of Central Equatoria State to Yei River County, are well known to its Citizens who are sharing the people of South Sudan the same hope for the new era.

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