Authorities in Warrap State said that at least 32 people were killed in inter-communal violence in Tonj North County on Monday the 29/06/2020.

According to the Secretary General of the now defunct Tonj State, Gabriel Awan, the fighting started on June 26 between the Apuk Padoc and Atok Buk communities, which are both from Tonj North.

“32 people were killed from both sides, 7 others wounded and two villages were burned down,” Gabriel Awan explained. “The violence started on Friday and continued until Sunday.”

The local official said the fresh clashes seem to have been triggered by a retaliation after a man from Apuk Padoc was allegedly beaten to death by members of the Atok Buk community in the town of Awul on May 27.

He further disclosed that the fighting concentrated in and around the villages of Agany and Anyibuth, but has now died down. He said state authorities have dispatched security forces to hotspots in the area to restore calm.

South Sudan continues to bear the burden of recurrent inter-communal violence due to the lack of an efficient justice system.

The United Nations mission in South Sudan said last week that escalating inter-communal conflicts could undermine the implementation of the peace agreement.