By Deng Vanang

The above title is borrowed from one Both Gatwech, an avid Facebook user, in response to just announced IO’s side cabinet by Dr Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon.
Mr Both undeniably was among many citizens intensely awaiting the much delayed RTGONU’s establishment Thursday evening, 12th March 2020. Like many of his fellow supporters of the main armed movement, he clearly received the news with hue and cry, loudly acclaiming the sharpshooting phrase, ‘’revolution betrayed!’’

Unknown to him, among others, Dr Machar, in the long expansive history of his leadership is no respecter of performance, popularity and commitment of his followers when appointing them.

The IO’s Almighty always operates in more incomprehensibly, mysterious ways. He consoles with big positions the community rejects while consigning the darlings and favourites into the oblivion; his own time tested political strategy of eliminating potential competitors, in order to sustain and consolidate power. Much to his credit, Machar knows how to balance and thinly spread a few political positions across the board as he did on Thursday in a vast country bedevilled by diametrically opposing regional and ethnic interests.

He is only short, in recent cabinet appointment, of two things: Fully applying professionalism to counter Kiir’s more experienced appointees and generously sharing similar equitable power-sharing in Naathland – the ever nagging opposition bastion to Kiir’s regime, both quantitatively and qualitatively, according to his mass of supporters. Especially, assigning his wife Angelina to the most strategic and defining Defense Ministry in this shaky transition, effectively denying more deserving Lt. General James Koang Chuol Ranley, is counted to be one of his several undoings.

At the crucial time when security arrangements were terribly ignored in September 2018 peace agreement, with IO’s troops desperately crying while still in the jungle for fairer unification with counterparts in the IG.

This calls for an expert hand that is their own to guide the Defense Ministry under which they fall.

To the IO’s supporters in Unity State, Madam Nyakue, Angelina’s nickname, is too much an overdose in the government partly led by her husband, Machar.

She triumphed over more senior politicians than her in the name of Mabor Gatkuoth and Faruok Gatkuoth – not related. Certainly, her many triumphs in politics are attributed to her husband, cutlery skills and troubling 40 days sojourn to DRC alongside him.

She and husband miraculously survived the hazards of the tropical rain forest to reach that country, while dangerously being trailed by President Kiir’s Commandos back in July-August,2016.
In Jikany Nuer, Machar had to appoint youthful Puot Kang Chol, my paternal nephew, to juicy Ministry of petroleum and denied General Koang the ministerial job of Defense so as to pave the way for his better half, Nyakue.

Lou Nuer is the worst hit in Machar’s statecraft, with IO’s Chief of General Staff, First Lt. General Gatwech Dual detained in Khartoum by him with peace spoiler charges.

Manawa Peter Gatkuoth sacrificed to non-descript female river goddess called Buk, read Ministry of water and irrigation.
And 90-year old Gabriel Yoak Dok allegedly collapsed under the chocking news of Machar’s half cabinet announcement that marginalized his long and hard-fought Lou Nuer people in the same evening.

Deng Vanang is the UDRM/A’s Secretary-General and member of SSOMA’s Leadership Council. Cordially reachable at:

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