By Sokiri Lo Poni

It was just a matter of time which depends on the ability of Dr. Riek Machar Teny to contain the son of the late Dr. John Garang Cpt. Mabior Garang the IO Chairperson of National Committee for Information and Public Relations and whose behavior recently is testifying his suffering from political turmoil related to the strategic mistakes committed by SPLM-IO which is still going on. 
Yesterday we were not surprised by his anticipated resignation, in which Cpt. Mabior Garang freed himself from the gray zone that he found himself in  due to the strategic mistakes of his Movement that confined the crisis of the country to only power sharing.
Returning to the street so quickly by Cpt. Mabior, whose political content, does not come out of an attempt to courtship for our people who were betrayed by the SPLM-IO, but unfortunately with the same ideology that the country is torn today. 
Here I think the real problem lies. Its solution has nothing to do with the step taken by son of the late Dr. John; as where will it lead him in light of the ongoing political schizophrenia that the majority of SPLM-IO leaders have been suffering from? 

Before looking at the reasons for the resignation of Mabior, let us start with this question, is it resignation or refusal of the assignment? Capt. Mabior Garang announced that he had resigned from his position as Deputy Minister of Interior while he did not take oath until today! Even if we assume that this happened from a distance, do you think our country is headed by two heads? 
Actually in this direction, we can raise many questions because what Capt. Mabior has described as a resignation, is completely defective. The only explanation for it, is the underestimation of the minds of the people. We know that without being sworn in, our captain is still a designated member of the SPLM-IO. Otherwise it is merely a political bid aimed at blurring public opinion. 
In fact, if we want to call things by their names, what Capt. Mabior Garang did, is the refusal of the assignment but not a resignation for the reasons he mentioned. Perhaps the resignation would re-open the way for him to resume writing his articles of which most of his vocabulary is a clear condemnation of his Movement that he described as unsuccessful Organization. 

Among the oddities of the words mentioned in his letter of resignation, he categorically asserted that the Revitalized Peace Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan (R-ARCSS) is the only way we can restore some semblance of sanity to our nascent Republic if the regime is committed to its implementation in letter and spirit!! In fact this kind of talk, raises the question of how can our nascent Republic be stabilized on the injustice, persecution an exploitation that the Revitalized Peace Agreement has deepened?? Of course this type of understanding, has led the SPLM-IO to enter the power sharing tent without any mention of constitutional arrangements which is the biggest political loophole. The SPLM-IO has to prepare itself to bear the consequences, especially the security part of it through confronting the facts with new struggle mechanisms inspired from its experience. 

Unfortunately until now, the SPLM-IO does not understand that the Revitalized Peace Agreement is another war with its old tools. Today, the army and other security sectors are still organized on this basis of the same military doctrine. They fights, arrest, torture, intimidate, and humiliate Citizens with the full participation of SPLM-IO. 
The SPLM-IO could not be excluded from causing the deteriorating security situation in the Country in any way because it’s a partner to the regime under the revitalized peace agreement. Therefore, any attempts to distant itself it are laughable, especially that its forces are fighting today side by side with the South Sudan People’s Defense Forces (SSPDF) under the command of Defense Minister Madam Angelina Teny whom Capt. Mabior Garang wants to exclude from responsibility regarding the bloodshed and crimes against innocent people in Upper Nile, Equatoria and Bahr El Ghazal. 

The manifestations of the current political scene do not hide the truth that the SPLM-IO has become part of the crisis in our Country. Thus, how can the people of South Sudan trust the Movement of Dr. Machar as an ambassador for a radical change after it betrayed them?? 
I think this kind of floating words could be included under attempts to win the people with a new political trick; especially after Capt. Mabior found himself in such a political predicament related to the betrayal of his Movement. Probably, he thought he could get out from it by stirring up more dust in the air through exhibitionistic positions. He thinks that with such an approach, the will of our people in radical change, can be easily robbed on the same cross on which the SPLM-IO was crucified after its accommodation in the government at the expense of the freedom and dignity of our people. 
My dear readers, if you could remember I had indicated in my previous article that this Captain had  been writing from another world in which he discovered the lack of seriousness of the regime in the implementation of the Revitalized Peace Agreement on the fourth of June!! 

In my view, it’s the disparaging of people’s minds of the highest order. Capt. Mabior is attempting to whiten the face of his organization by covering its setbacks in a very absurd manner. It’s like practicing the hobby of writing without the lowest ethical standards, among them, respecting people’s minds, especially that since more than a year ago, the behavior of the regime in dealing with implementation of the Revitalized Peace Agreement in letter and spirit wasn’t mysterious. 
Returning back to the already dilapidated SPLM-IO under the justifications drafted by Capt. Mabior, it constitutes a major deception of self before others with its end known in advance and it will not miss one of the two options, departing from Revitalized Peace Agreement or getting ready to accompany the regime by force to 2023 elections in which, the SPLM-IO will write to itself a political end.

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